-Very small: 27cm (width) x 33cm (height), suitable for trash cans with a diameter of 19cm and -, about 3 liters or 1 gallon


- Small: 32cm (width) x 36cm (height), suitable for bins with 24cm diameter and -, 8 liters or 2 gallons approximately


- Medium: 50cm (width) x 45cm (height), suitable for bins of 24cm (width) x 32cm (length) x 32cm (height) and - or 40cm in diameter and -, 24 liters or 6 gallons approximately


- Large: 58 cm (width) x 69cm (height), suitable for trash cans of 40cm (width) x 30cm (length) x 65cm (height) and - or 44 cm in diameter and -, 78 liters or 20 gallons approx.


- Replaces disposable trash bags,

- Ideal for compost, recycling and office and bathroom trash cans,

- Not recommended for the waste bin,

- Can be simply washed with dish soap in the sink,

- Go to the washer and dryer,

- For a better duration of the product do not put in the dryer,

- Adjusts to any form of trash

- Provide that the bag must touch the bottom of the bin to stay in place,

- Adjustable elastic,

- In waterproof fabric,

- Durable.

1 reusable trash bag